Where it all began...
Once upon a time (because after all, the best stories start out with 'once upon a time') there was a woman who thought she was a Writer. 

Well, it wasn't that she WASN'T a Writer so much as God had other things planned for her. 

So this Writer spent a lot of time doing writerly things. She worked hard on her craft, attended conferences, networked, entered contests, and even thought about getting published. 

But...never quite did. 

Oh sure, she wrote for the local newspaper and published in various magazines. That's what Writer's DO after all. But when it came time to sit down and work on her book she quickly found it was so much more FUN to work on other people's manuscripts. Or maybe to investigate those new and interesting markets. Or to figure out just how a book was put into print. 

This went on for several years before someone caught her at it at a writer's conference. As she stood around and helped people decide which editor might be the best opportunity for their manuscript, an agent eyed her and finally let her know in no uncertain terms, "You're agenting, you know." 

So this Writer being stubborn and not one to listen when God uses men in agent hats to hit her with that holy 2x4, insisted, "No, I'm just a writer." 

But God isn't one to be deterred and as time went by, she came to realize that she was editing and agenting and so found people like Terry Burns over at Hartline Literary Agency and Jeff Gerke of Marcher Lord Press.

Then came a day when she'd been listening to a friend who wrote books that were delightful to read but ones that weren't fitting in the CBA quite enough and weren't fitting into the ABA quite enough. And this Person Who Had Been a Writer and still thought like a Writer noticed that Gap and said, "Well, the answer seems simple. Change what you write, or change the world." 

And then because it's not quite fair to tell another to change the world, no matter how good a friend they are, this Person Who Had Been a Writer decided to change the world for her..and for every other writer out there who felt like they'd fallen into some sort of Gap. 

And so the concept of Gap Publishing was born. And with it, Written World Communications. 

But this Writer Who Was Now a Publisher realized this wasn't the sort of thing to take on alone (because after all, only God can change the entire world by Himself and she wasn't about to put herself on THAT pedestal) she approached someone else she knew in the industry for advice. Oddly enough, God had gotten to him beforehand, and had let HIM know in no uncertain terms that He was going to be a Publisher. 

Well when God gives the same dream on the same night to people 2,000 miles apart, usually it's a pretty good sign that Something Big Is Happening. And not being one to say no to a challenge (or ignore God - she got over that) this Writer Become Publisher promptly knighted...no wait, wrong story...created a partnership and set about to look for other individuals who shared the same dream. 

Over the years this has led to an office and later a bookstore in Colorado Springs, CO. Now the company has moved to California, and after a nearly three year haitus is returning. Rebuilding. Starting over. Because the really good dreams are always worth pursuing, no matter how long it takes.

So here we are, seven years later. We've published twenty books and put out a few dozen magazines. We've grown and changed and the partnership we forged over books became something even more lovely back in 2015 when Kristine Pratt married Dale Hansen, unifying the company in a way we never would have dreamed back when we started.

And we're still working hard at changing the world, one story at a time. Because after all, you have to start somewhere. 

And the world doesn't change overnight.

Welcome to Written World Communications.  
"Change what you write...or change the world."
Kristine Hansen